1. Determine what your Internet website name should be, for example  www.yourcompany.com.   This is called a "domain" name.  You must register your website name with a "registrar" company to assure it is not already taken, and so the world knows who owns the name and where to send the request when someone types www.yourcompany.com.  Registrar companies chanrge $20-$35 per year for this registration service.
    We're happy to help you with choosing your website name and getting it resistered with a reputable registration company.
  2. Choose a WEB Site "Hosting" company to host your website. This is the company that provides space on their equipment to store the contents of your WEB pages and make them available online to Internet users 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. There are lots of Web site host providers offering a variety of services and prices.
    We’d be happy to host your website for $10 per month
    ($10 per month paid annually, $15 per month if paid monthly).
  3. Contract your host provider to establish your Web Site on their host system. Some host providers charge nothing and others charge up to $50 or $100 for setup even before any web page content is developed. We can help perform this coordination if you wish.
    We do not charge extra to do the setup of your website on our hosting servers or for transfering your existing web pages from your current host to ours.
  4. Determine what you want to put on your WEB site. Some suggestions are:
  • Home Page (required)
  • Products, Services, and Prices
  • Frequently asked questions
  • New products, services, or specials
  • Feedback to questions
  • Logos and Photos (we can scan existing photographs or brochures)
  • Contact information
  • About your company, history, servies, etc.
  • Links to other Internet Web Sites
  • Directions to your location
  • Order form and ordering instructions
  1. Discuss your requirements and expectations with us. We can help you organize your information into Web "pages" or even take an initial stab at it to get your creativity started. During the development process we can either provide you with color printed pages or we can place your new pages into a temporary Web site where you can review them online.
  2. When you are satisfied with the design and content of your new Web pages we will upload the final product to your Web Site and make it functional. This includes submitting the appropriate "keywords" to the common Internet search engines, and adding "Meta Words" to each page so Internet users can find you.
  3. We charge $60 per page for simple text/table pages and $75 per page for those with graphics, pictures, frames or input fields (these take more time to prepare and incorporate). This one time fee includes a month of free maintenance and, of course, correction of any errors that we all missed during design and development.
  4. After the 1 month initial period, we will make changes to your Web site at an hourly rate of $60.  For example, a change to a price or product might take 20 minutes to edit, print, gain your approval, upload to the host, and test.  However, rearranging whole pages or creating new information might take an hour, or two, or more.
  5. If you know, or want to learn, web page development and editing, we will deliver your web page source files to you on CD at any time and you can perform ongoing maintenance and upload it yourself. Or maybe a combination of self-maintenance and assistance from us. We’re flexible.  We can even program some special web pages so you can update selected data from your web pages yourself using your normal internet browser. 


1. Register a custom Domain name (InterNIC)

Name Registration charge
Three year reservation ($25/year)


(Payable to InterNIC)
2. WEB site Host Set-Up (Host provider)


(depending on the host provider)
3. Design, develop and install Web pages (M&D)
Pages containing text and tables only.
Pages containing graphics, pictures, frames, videos or hit counters. 


Forms pages and associated server programing is extra.
5. Annual Host Service fee
Annual payment for 12 months service.


(includes email accounts, volume reports, FTP service, etc.)


1. Annual Host Service fee
Annual payment for 12 months service.
(after initial year)


2. WEB Page content and design changes (M&D)


(first month’s changes and all error corrections free)


1. Simple 4 page WEB, some pictures and graphics. Your own Domain Name (registered for three years). We perform all setup and legwork and host your site (hosting fee paid for 1 year).



(we provide monthly invoices detailing all tasks completed and itemized costs).